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Pristine Palau is among the best dive destinations in the world, famous for its rich underwater environment, healthy hard and soft coral gardens, vast amount of sea life, exciting World War II Wrecks, caves and most importantly the protection of sharks. Palau not only created the world’s first Shark Sanctuary in 2009 and hence spiked a worldwide conservation effort, but Palau also declared a National Marine Sanctuary in October 2015. This is a 500.000 square kilometer NO-TAKING ZONE, which has many benefits including being home to 135 endangered or vulnerable species of sharks and rays.
Scuba Diving
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Pristine Reefs • Exciting Caves • 30+ World War II Wrecks • Lots and Lots of Sharks • Stunning Manta Dives • Unique Spawning Dives with Thousands of Fish • Amazing Macro Spots
Scuba Diving