Fluo Intro
Blue Light aka Fluo Diving
Blue Light Diving, also known as Fluo Diving is a little bit like psychedelic disco. It's a night dive like no other, discovering a hidden world within the already elusive world of the reef at night.

The Ocean Hunter dive crew is using special torches and filters to reveal the fluorescence of corals and other critters on the reef at night. We offer the use of four lights with 15,000 lumen each, which combined allow us to illuminate a good part of the nightly reef leaving you your hands free to take stunning photos of the fluorescent reef.
Please note that we offer Fluo Diving only during trips marked as “Black Water & Fluo” Trips. ••• Photos by Michael Aw •••
Fluo Diving
Black Water Intro
Black Water Diving
The concept behind black-water diving is simple. It’s a night dive during which we use our strong lights in deep open ocean. We simply hang our divers out under the boat to see, what attracted by the bright light, floats by. Marine life that divers see on black-water dives rarely tops an inch or two in size.

Black Water dives are all about discovering the rarely seen world of planktonic creatures, many of them fish or other animals in their larval, or juvenile, phase of life, that ride ocean currents.

Please note that we offer Black Water Dives only during trips marked as “Black Water & Fluo” Trips. ••• Photos by Micheal Aw •••
Black Water