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Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Comfort - Competence - Cuisine - World Class Diving

It is our creed to establish reputable, high quality products and experiences in liveaboard diving, cuisine and hospitality, to suit the high exceptions of our upscale clients. Our approach is as simple as effective ...

Provide a Highly Comfortable Environment - Pamper Our Guests with an Upscale Healthy & Delicious Cuisine - Make Sure our Clients Experience World Class Scuba Diving in a Safe & Comfortable Manner - keep our facilities to the highest standards at all time, work only with the best people in the industry - all our employee have been with us in excess of 10 years and some for over 20 years.

Ocean Hunter Inside

Comfortable Cabins

2 Standard Cabins
4 Deluxe Cabins
2 Master Staterooms

Delicious Cuisine

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Any Dietary Restrictions & Preferences
Fish & Seafoods
Vegan | Vegetarian | Keto

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Ocean Hunter Palau stands for Competence and Quality since 1997. When it comes to Liveaboards, you want the BEST!
Ocean Hunter Inside

World Class Diving

Diving with Sharks & Mantas
World War II Wrecks
Pristine Reefs

Explore Palau's Dive Sites

Peleliu Dive Sites
Ngemelis Dive Sites
30+ World War II Wreck Sites
Koror Lagoon & Jelly Fish Lake

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Ocean Hunter Palau | Main Street 964 | Koror | Palau 96940 | Micronesia
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