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Ocean Hunter III – The Dives

The Dives

Where are we going?
Ocean Hunter III will be travelling to all the usual spots and more!  Not only willPhoto by Tim Rock you be diving all the world-famous spots of Palau such as the fabled Blue Corner, we'll be taking her further afield too. At the moment we have trips planned to the Southwest Islands of Palau / Northern Papua New Guinea, Yap and the Outer Islands of Yap, The Northern Marianas and more.  These virtually undived reefs are in pristine condition and represent a once-in-a-lifetime diving experience. See "Prices and Schedule" for dates or check back soon for more details.

Maximizing your dives
The Ocean Hunter III crew will use their knowledge and experience to bring you to the right dive site at the right moment. Diving off the Ocean Hunter means you get personal attention, reefs without a crowd, easy entry into the water and a maximum bottom time! Instead of waiting for 25 other divers to surface or have them wait for you, you and your buddy can stay underwater as long as you like, without any pressure.

After giving you a briefing at least one divemaster will enter the water with you on every dive to guide, guard and assist.

Night dives are offered every night.

Level of diving experience
We welcome all levels of divers, from experienced to beginner. Our experienced instructors and divemasters will give you all the assistance and guidance you need. When your dive is over, you can climb back onboard and take a warm, freshwater shower right on the spacious dive deck before being offered a delicious snack such as cake or a fresh fruit smoothie. Where you live and where you dive is only a jump away.

from a Peter Lange Photo

To explore Ocean Hunter III, see the menus at top and left. For small group diving in comfort, Ocean Hunter I can be found here. Or to explore Palau see the links below.