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Ocean Hunter III– Onboard Information

Previous Dive Experience
Since we cater to such a small group, we are very flexible in accommodating all levels of divers, from beginners to professionals.

Water TemperaturePhoto by Peter Lange
The average water temperature is a warm 28 degrees Celsius, 83 degrees Fahrenheit. For protection in the water, a 3mm wetsuit, full or shorty, a skin, or even a t-shirt pleases most guests.

Gear to Bring
Don't forget your mask, fins, snorkel, wetsuit, regulator with pressure gauge, BCD, dive computer/depth gauge/dive watch, dive gloves, optional dive knife, safety sausage (required) and reef hook. What is a Reef Hook? Reefhooks and safety sausages are available in our shop. You'll have ample storage space for your gear. If you need to rent gear, you can do so upon arrival at our shop. Show me a list of rental gear and prices.

Equipment Provided Onboard
We freely provide weight belts, weights, and standard aluminum size 80 tanks, also some size 60 and 100 tanks. We also provide all the clean towels you'll need throughout the trip. Unlike other liveaboards who give you any person's used towel, you get your own color-coded, warm, dry towel after each dive.

Communication Onboard
We have a marine VHF radio and a cell phone that we use to keep in touch with the office in town three times a day. Family members or friends can reach guests onboard by calling the ship cell phone at 680-777-2290, or they can leave a message at the Ocean Hunter office (680- 488-2637) . Guests may of course use the ship cell phone, though at-cost charges apply.

Very quiet generators supply 24-hour electricity in 110 and 220 volts, with standard American outlets for two/three prong plugs. There are at least 4 outlets in each cabin. All 60 outlets are regulated and surge protected.

On-board is a 42" Plasma TV in the lounge, a 32" Plasma TV in the dining room and 24" TV's in the Master Staterooms. We also have a DVD player, CD stereo and VCD player. We have a wonderful collection of DVDs, CDs and VCDs, and we invite you to bring your own as well! We also have an extensive marine library for you to browse.

Tipping is a personal matter, but for guests who have requested guidance on the subject: the Ocean Hunter is a U.S. standard liveaboard, with crew's salaries based on tipping (upon your satisfaction). The average tip generally runs 7.5%-10% of the trip cost.

Medical Support Onboard
We have a well-equipped first aid kit onboard, including oxygen. You should bring anti-seasickness medication and eardrops if you feel you will need them.Photo by Tim Rock

Smoking is only allowed in designated areas on the outside deck of the Ocean Hunter III.  

Ocean Hunter III
offers a full bar and refrigerator of drinks for guests. Mineral water is always free, however we must charge $1.50 for soft drinks and $3.00 for beer. These charges go towards developing a much-needed recycling program in Palau for the disposal of the cans. You are responsible for marking down your own tab at the refrigerator. Fine wine is available from $40 to $75 per bottle. See Extra Prices for more information.

To explore Ocean Hunter III, see the menus at top and left. For small group diving in comfort, Ocean Hunter I can be found here. Or to explore Palau see the links below.