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Ocean Hunter III - Activities - Land Tour

There is more to Palau than just diving! If you've got a day to fill before flying home, or just fancy a day out of the water, we can offer guided kayak excursions through the stunning Rock Islands, land tours to the sights and history of the 'Big Island', Babeldaob, or fishing trips to catch the denizens of the deep.

Land Tours

Let us lead you on a personalized land tour. In one of our comfortable mini-buses, we can take you up the rocky dirt roads of Babeldaob Island (the Big Island) to see the sprawling, panoramic view on top of Palau's highest peak. Hike across the freshwater river, stopping to bathe in the mini-waterfalls and mountain pools along the stream, until you reach the big 80-foot drop waterfalls, and rejoice in that clear water. Head to the stone monoliths of Palau's old civilisations. You can visit WWII tanks, relics and monuments, and even include stops around town at museums and the storyboard shops. The price includes lunch and cold drinks of water and tea.

WaterfallStone Faces

Capitol Building, Babeldaob

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