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Ocean Hunter III – Food & Beverage

Ocean Hunter owner and reknowned chef and cookery writer Tova Har-el has developed ourPhoto by Peter Lange delicious gourmet menu. She has not only had extensive experience as a chef, but specifically as a liveaboard chef! She cooked on the first Palau liveaboard for more than a year and went out on the Ocean Hunter for the first six months in Palau, closely analyzing the tastes of hungry divers after exiting the water and learning to cater to their every taste whim. As a dedicated diver herself who knows the importance of low-fat, fiber rich meals, Tova designed our menu with international cuisines such as Palauan, Italian, Mediterranean, French and Japanese (with fresh sashimi and sushi), and with a bit of her own style as well. She has worked extensively with our cook Arlee. Below is a sample timetable for the food that Arlee will woo you with on a typical Ocean Hunter day.

Fresh vegetables and fruits are in abundance and will be served with every meal.
Photo by Tim Rock
We will gladly cater to vegetarian or any other dietary request.
Snacks will be served in between meals.

06:00 AM:
Gourmet coffee and tea are served with fresh sweet rolls and cakes.

08:00 AM: After the first dive of the day, we serve a full breakfast.

12:30 PM:
After the third dive of the day, it's time for a buffet lunch.

Daily fresh fruit smoothies will be served (papaya, pineapple, soursop, and many other local exotic fruits).

7:30 PM: On a white tablecloth with chinaware, dinner will be served after the night dive, with a different gourmet soup every night to warm you up, followed by fresh salad and the international dinner of the day. Dinner can be served before the night dive if preferred.

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