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Ocean Hunter III - Dive Sites

The "Must See" list
1 Blue Holes
2 Blue Corner
4 New Drop Off
6 Big Drop Off
7 German Channel
9 Peleliu Wall & Cut
10 Peleliu Expressway
13 Ulong Channel
14 Siaes Tunnel
18 Iro
19 Chandelier Cave

Snorkelling Sites
21 Jellyfish Lake
21 Clam City
22 Zero Fighter
The Best of the Rest
3 Virgin Blue Hole
5 Turtle Wall
8 Peleliu Coral Garden
11 Yellow Wall
12 Ngerchong Outside
15 Siaes Corner
16 Teshio Maru
17 Jake Seaplane
19 Helmet Wreck
19 Mandarinfish Lake
20 Devilfish City

Reef Hook
The Reef Hook Experience

Additional Sites
Other Dive Sites

To explore Ocean Hunter I, see the menus at top and left. Our newest ship, Ocean Hunter III can be found here. Or to explore Palau see the links below.