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Ocean Hunter III – Resources


Aoyagi, Machiko. Modekngei: A New Religion in Belau. Tokyo: Shinsensha Press, 2002.

Originally published in Japanese in 1985, an ethnographic account of this religion that sheds some light on the mystery.

Bailey, Dan E. World War II Wrecks of Palau.

Deichmann, Gunther; Davidson, Kevin; Daniels, Ethan and Gunther Taus. Palau:
Dive Sites, History & Culture. Manila, Philippines: Dream Time, 2001.

Detailed descriptions on dive sites, overviews on history and culture.

Etpison, Mandy. Palau, Portrait of Paradise. Koror, Palau: NECO Marine Corp., 1997.
The ultimate (or only) coffee-table book on Palau. Some people have decided to go to Palau after reading this beautiful and informative book.

Keate, George. An Account of the Pelew Islands, situated in the western part of the pacific ocean. Composed from the journals and communications of Captain Henry Wilson, and some of his officers, who, in August 1783, were there shipwrecked, in The Antelope, a packet belonging to the honourable East India Company. London: G. Nicol, 1788.
The ultimate account of the first major interaction between Palau and Europeans. Many authors and publishers pirated this story and retold it. The above listing is the first of five editions printed by Keate’s publisher. The 5th edition is recommended for it’s updates and supplements.

Levy, Neil M. Moon Handbooks: Micronesia, 6th Edition. California: Avalon Travel Publishing, 2003.

The standard guidebook format for the independent traveler. 27 detailed pages on Palau.

Lindemann, Klaus. Desecrate 1. Belleville, MI: Pacific Press Publications, 1998.

The total story and research report on “the lost fleet of the Rock Islands,” the Japanese war shipwrecks in Palau that Klaus and Francis discovered.

Lonely Planet: Micronesia.

The classic guidebook for the independent and sometimes budget traveler.

Peacock, Daniel J. Lee Boo of Belau, A Prince in London. Honolulu: South Seas Books (U of Hawaii Press), 1987. Comprehensive scholarly research on the complete story of Lee Boo, a Palauan historical hero.

Rock, Tim and Francis Toribiong. Lonely Planet: Diving & Snorkeling Palau.
Melbourne: Lonely Planet Publications, 2000.

This is a very good guide, written by our founder Francis, for in depth descriptions of the dive sites to accompany your dive trips. Small section on an overview of Palau and the practicalities of visiting.

Republic Of Palau: First National Communication to the United Nations Framework
Convention on Climate Change, 2002, Office of Environmental Response and Coordination, Office of the President.

Written as a governmental report but published with the design and pictures of a good magazine, this source is easy to read and find information on the details of environmental studies in Palau. Available at Palau Public Library.

Parmentier, Richard J. The Sacred Remains, Myth, History and Polity in Belau. U of Chicago
Press, Chicago. 1987.

Ethnographer presents a deeply academic study of the anthropology and ethnography of Palau, using semiotics.

Palau Community Action Agency, A History of Palau, volumes 1-4.


-travel to Palau
-Info on Palau
-palau Personal Pages
-Organizations in Palau
-wwII Airplanes
-wwII on Angaur and Peleliu

TRAVEL TO PALAU: - Palau Visitors Authority (PVA). The official website for visiting Palau.
- Consular Information Sheet for Palau from US Dep’t of State - Center for Disease and Control, Travelers Page - World Health Organization Palau page. - CIA World Factbook on Palau
- Palauan Embassy listing of locations in other countries
- Micronesia Handbook page from Moon Handbooks. A map of Micronesia and a brief description of the region accompanies. - Web guide for Palau with brief info. - Lonely Planet –Destination INFO

: PNCC (Palau National Communications Corporation), the communications provider in Palau has a very extensive website on Palau, including articles on culture, history, politics and travel info. PBS –“The Living Edens: Palau, Paradise of the Pacific.” A very informative website to compliment the PBS documentary on Palau. - The Official Site of Sonsoral Island, a Southwest Island in Palau. - “The Military Geology of Palau Islands", 1956. Someone has typed this long primary source on their webpage. - Bureau of Arts and Culture, Palau website. An excellent resource. The Oral History/Ethnography section includes access to reports on each state in Palau, stories collected from each state, and an annual anthropological booklet published in association with Palau Society of Historians - “Friends of Tobi” website. Tobi is a southwest island of Palau. Very good site with primary documents, a research archive, culture and language articles. - Festival Of Pacific Arts 2004 - Republic of Palau. Held approximately every 4 years, The Festival of Pacific Arts will be hosted by Palau in July, 2004. The site has information on Palauan culture, etc. “Mother Jones” Palau reefs, an article advocating conservation.


These websites were created about Palau by non-affiliated persons or groups. Without an organized agenda, they give a very personal view of Palau. “The internet's only interactive, multimedia digital cybertour of the Republic of Palau. It's digital!” Very humorous and useful virtual tour of Palau, like a computer game. Homepage of the author of the virtual tour above, he is a very witty and humorous writer. The page has lots of stories about his life in Palau from 1998-1999. VERY detailed trip report to Palau, an extensive and useful bibliography on Palau, many links, a good source and a personal source on Palau. Bravo! - This site was created “to share our love for our islands and its people.” You can buy Palau t-shirts and stickers. A nice page with info from a familiar perspective. Good, up to date news section. Amazing links section. - A personal description of Palauan history and culture with color pictures and links to storyboard legends and customs. - “YDKDY WORLD” A Palauan’s personal homepage. Very useful and interesting information, Palauan traditional sayings, an article on Modekngei traditional religion, and many links to keep all Palauans connected.
- “The Online meeting place for Palauans and Friends.” A discussion board. - a page from a Palauan named Sha with many links to other Palauans on the web, island shopping, pacific news and a blog. A Peace Corps volunteer’s home page about working in Palau




88.9 radio by internet: www. - Listen to and buy some Palauan music.

– Palau map collection from University of Texas

: - PICRC (Palau International Coral Reef Center) – A forum for coral reef studies, research and education. This beautiful multi-million dollar also houses the Palau Aquarium and is right next door to Fish ‘n Fins. - Dolphins Pacific, a non-profit organization dedicated to Dolphin research. They hold dolphins in a huge, natural marine park and conduct dolphin encounters for visitors to swim and dive with these friendly creatures. - Milad’l Dil: a women’s organization to promote women’s issues, health, education, and children’s welfare. - Palau Conservation Society


Jake Seaplane: - Technical data about Jake Seaplane Pictures of Jake Seaplane (E13A Type 0 Reconnaissance Seaplane)

- The construction, features and history behind the Zero model of plane - Technical data and images on the Zero Fighter (Mitsubishi A6M Reisen model).


- The Pacific Wreck Database. An index of wrecks and WWII relics on Angaur island with some information.

Peleliu very comprehensive history of Peleliu in WWII, detailed battle accounts, strategy, a bibliography and list of links, and even a description of veterans returning to the island recently.
- Peleliu Island Photo’s Page. An old picture from WWII and many from 1997. - The Pacific Wreck Database. A brief overview with only a few pics and some quotes. Explore descriptions of other WWII relics scattered around Palau when you click around.

FRIENDS of Fish ‘n Fins and Ocean Hunter

The following people have contributed their time and resources, pictures and words, to enhancing this web site, our business and our hearts. Thank you!

Stuart and Michelle Westmorland, photojournalists

Tim Rock, Micronesia based photojournalist

Paul Munzinger, u/w photojournalist for German dive magazines, author of 13 dive books

Avi Klapfer, owner of Sea Hunter and Undersea Hunter liveaboards

David Doubilet, underwater photographer e-mail:

Shlomo Cohen/seapen.

Lionel and Tally Pozzoli, underwater photographers

Peter and Beate Lange, underwater photographers

Bill Perryclear

Kevin Davidson, underwater photographers

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