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Ocean Hunter III - Crew

The Ocean Hunter liveaboard fleet is one big family. Unlike the larger liveaboards who change crews and captains every season, our family-run business gives you the same famous service presented by the same friendly faces since 1993. We add new discoveries year after year and are here waiting to share it with you! We are also fortunate to count among our family several local, experienced Palauan guides who have grown up on the reefs and act as ambassadors of good will between the visitors and Palauan culture and environment. Many of the crew members aboard Ocean Hunter III have families and children and we chose them because they are very responsible and have a broad view of life.
Kenneth Johnny - Captain, PADI & IANTD Instructor
Born and raised in Palau, Kenneth has a record of more than 10,000 dives in Palau over the past 20 years, the last 14 of which have been spent with Ocean Hunter. His knowledge of the reefs, currents, fish life and Palauan customs is stunning. Yet he continues to be the friendly guy he has always been, eager to share his knowledge and stories with you. His favourite reef is the entire Ngemelis reef and his favourite fish is a small one, the harlequin ghost pipefish.
Eddie Foja - PADI Instructor
Born and raised in the Philippines, Eddie used to work as a bookkeeper but changed his profession when he discovered the beautiful aquatic world. He worked in Puerto Galera, Philippines for 9 years and then came to Palau in 2003. His favourite reefs in Palau are Buoy 6, Ulong & German Channel. His favourite fish are any rays or sharks, especially the big ones.
Arlee Terunez - Chef Cook
He joined the Ocean Hunter fleet in 1999. Divers love him, he has a million-dollar smile and is always eager to please you. Thanks to Tova’s training, Arlee specializes in a very healthy cuisine incorporating the freshest ingredients to produce a memorable bill of fare with great diversity. At the end of your trip you'll agree that he is the best liveaboard Chef there is.
Rodger Paner (OJI) - PADI Divemaster
Oji is from Puerto Gallera in the Phillipines. he worked for many years as dive guide there before joining Ocean HUnter in 2014. Oji is fun loving guy
Surav - Assistant Chef
Surav was born in India and joined Ocean Hunter 3 in 2011. Surave will be the first person you see every morning when you wake up, waiting for you with fresh coffe, tea and a small bite prior to your first dive of the day.
Macrino Arnaiz (Rene) - Deck Hand
Rene is from Cebu Philippines, he is a crapenter who helped building Ocean Hunter 2 and 3 before becoming a crew member aboard OH3. He is a great guy and will assist you throughout your trip.
Eppi - Chief engineer / PADI Divemaster
Born in Philippines, Eppi came to Palau in 1999. He is a good-natured happy guy always ready to attend to the slightest need that might arise. His task is to make sure the ship is prepared for anything, in true Ocean Hunter fashion. And that's exactly what he manages to do.

Photo by Peter Lange

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