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Ocean Hunter I - Activities - Rock Island Tours / Snorkeling

There is more to Palau than just diving! If you've got a day to fill before flying home, or just fancy a day out of the water, we can offer guided kayak excursions through the stuhoneymoon Islandnning Rock Islands, land tours to the sights and history of the 'Big Island', Babeldaob, or fishing trips to catch the denizens of the deep.


Many visitors to Palau are not divers but you can still experience the excitement of exploring the reef and the stunning Rock Islands. You have the choice of either chartering a private boats or by joining our daily diving boats.

Snorkeling: Most reefs of Palau starts very shallow (1'-3') which allows non-divers to explore the reef and experience almost the same marine life encounters as our divers do. It is common for us to have divers and non-divers boarding the same boat. We can also offer trips dedicated to non-divers. We provide life jackets and floating devices to all snorkelers for your safety and protection.

Family trips: We encourage families to come to Palau and experience the fun and natural beauty together. It is possible for divers and non divers (including kids) to be on the same boat. We can also drop off some family members and kids on one of the rock islands while the rest of the family dive. The boat will return to the beach at lunchtime for you to spend some time together and share your experiences of the day.

Babysitting services: our specially trained ladies offer a baby-sitting service, either in town or on the boat.

Camping: it is possible to camp overnight on some on the Rock Islands. Fish 'n Fins offer full range of camping services including camping gear, guides, food and drinks for a unique night under the skies.

honeymoon Island Flora and Fauna
A kayak tour is an excellent, undisruptive way to see the rich flora and fauna of Palau. Some highlights include:
Lush Plants: Rare Plants such as wild Orchids and Cicadas (a palm dated back to the dinosaur age) can often be seen.
Magnificent Birds: Observe the Biib (Palau's National bird), a long-tail tropical bird, Cockatoos and green & red parrots.
Palauan reptiles: Including the salt water crocodile (non-aggressive), Boa Tree Snake (all snakes in Palau are non-venomous), the Giant Monitor Lizard (4-5ft long) and more.
The legendary Dugong!!!: It is your opportunity to catch a rare glimpse of the almost extinct Dugong (Manatee). These mammals have long been identified as legendary Mermaids and are now protected by law. At Fish 'n Fins, we have learned about their migration habits and we often see them cruising the lagoon.

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